Wall Street Insiders and Politicians Don’t Trade Fair…

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Ben Sturgill
Options Trading Educator – RagingBull
Master’s Degree – Education

I’m Ben Sturgill – I’m a former pro basketball player & entrepreneur, and I’m a full-time trader and educator.  I’ve been trading since my early 20’s.

And during that time, I’ve seen the same stories you have: Politicians buying PPE stocks just before pandemic news drops… Others with trading profits that are like 70 times their annual salary… 

Gimme a break!

But.. These shady traders aren’t as smart as you might think. As hard as they try to cover their tracks, they just can’t help but leave a scent.  And I’ve built a career tracking their sneaky trades..

And I’m not just talking about politicians.. In the world of “smart money”, politicians are just a rounding error.  Pipsqueeks.  The institutions are the REAL players.

Trillions of dollars, every day, traded in secret.  Hidden in corners of the market that are difficult and expensive to track.

That’s why I spent years working with teams of programmers to build multiple scanners that monitor the segments of the market I’ve found to be most-widely used by insiders.

Sure, it costs me over $60K per year just for the data… Worth it!

And now, I’m sharing the top ideas that I’m pulling together for the week ahead at absolutely no cost.  Every Monday!

So What Are These “Smart Money” Trades?

When I’m watching this “Smart Money” activity, I’m specifically looking for “outlier” trading activity that could be a sign that insiders expect a strong move coming soon. THOSE are the types of trades I’m trying to sniff out and share with my readers.

Just like in October of 2021, when I told my members about $527 million in hidden block trades on TSLA while it had been trading inside a narrow range.

Well, during the 16 days following my email, TSLA ripped 53% higher!

Remember when Elon Musk bought more than 9% of TWTR…
and you saw all those news articles about the “unusual options” activity that was going on?

Well that’s exactly the kind of activity that I’m tracking, and tell my Dollar Ace members about every day.


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